Homes in the Pastures Zirmerhof

Made with timber salvaged from the Vaia storm, the “Case del Prato” are two wooden architectures designed for the Zirmerhof Hotel, South Tyrol.

Ph. Max Rommel
Ph. Max Rommel
Ph. Max Rommel
Ph. Max Rommel

They are not just simply architectures: they are a product of AMDL CIRCLE’s holistic approach to architecture, interiors and product design, merged from the very beginning of the creative process. The architectures are made with timber salvaged from the Vaia storm of October 2018, which felled 14 million trees, transforming the tragedy of that meteorological event into art and architecture.

Interiors flourish alongside architecture and the craftsmanship of Produzione Privata - the AMDL CIRCLE design laboratory founded by Michele De Lucchi to experiment and produce design objects in complete freedom and without market constraints – was able to achieve full expression in this project. Stunning landscapes outside, a warm and homely atmosphere inside. Everything has been designed by Michele De Lucchi and AMDL CIRCLE, from the shingles on the roof to the carpets in the bedrooms.

The Case del Prato are installations filled with objects both great and small.

Location and Area

Redagno di Sopra


Hotel Zirmerhof


Design: 2018 - 2019

Completion: 2020

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