Moat Station

Moat Station is part of a six architecture study 'Earth Stations' and is the evolution of the television studio.

When artificial intelligence frees people from bureaucratic and repetitive chores, it will be necessary to find ways of using this new found freedom and the immense technological potential that will be unleashed. Logical and rational tasks will be substituted by learning machines and big data and as a consequence creative intellects and proactive ideas will be in increasing demand.

The Earth Stations are places that are primed and ready for the programming of the future, offering the environmental and psychological conditions that are perfect for shaping the evolution of the quality of life. They are stations that are connected to the network and constructed in infrastructural nodes enabling them to be easily accessed.

They are museums, galleries, offices, theatres, stages, bars, restaurants, gyms, indoor parks, markets, foyers, workshops, stores and lounges where everything happens simultaneously in a continual combination of diverse interests.

Everything evolves inside. The randomness of encounters initiated by walking, moving and journeying within generates optimal conditions for the most surprising discoveries. In a constant migratory flow, people participate in events and in dialogues, both formal and informal, with artisan and digital workshops and isolation booths for individual reflection.

They are all places of continuous activity with a palimpsest of events that catalyse both attention and energy. In the Earth Stations, everyone can find fulfilment in their own contribution, recognize the value of evolution, enjoy the results attained, set off for new destinations and satisfy the most elemental needs for beauty, justice and happiness.

Moat Station is a construction that is rooted symbolically in the earth's crust, providing ample meeting spaces at the intersection of great interregional arteries. The conical structures that give it its form are partially submerged to foster a favourable climate within and reduce the visual impact on the landscape. People circulate freely inside between spaces organized for filming and audio-visual screenings.

Moat Station is the evolution of the television studio.

Location and Area

Imaginary: near an infrastructure node


Amdl Circle


Design: 2018

Completion: to be realised

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