'The Arm' Borovoe

A trampoline stretches into the void and launches the imagination into the celestial space

The contemporary world continuously relaunches challenges in search of extraordinary and exceptional elements. It is not just a search for extravagance as it may appear to a quick superficial judgment, but a frantic search for unique, unpublished, sensational, unparalleled symbols. And take possession of it before others take away the most extraordinary symbols from public knowledge.

The decision to integrate a large structure and object into a beautiful and intact natural environment seeks a profound investigation into the symbolic meaning and reason for this intervention. Undoubtedly it is in part motivated by the need to increase the recognition of this important tourism destination, creating something totally new that inspires global attraction and excitement, but it can also be a major demonstration of the regions ability to understand the special relationship between man, his evolution and his natural landscape.

There are many places around the world that allow people to experience unique views and vantage points. Or where monumental architecture gives a classical interpretation of our history and cultural development that have become symbols for their nations and tourism industries.

Here in Borovoe we want to create a new type of symbolic expression, a monumental object that is inspired by natural forms but its also about how man has discovered how to use nature to support his evolution.

'The Arm'

It's a springbord symbol of courage, audacity, rashness.

There is no research, experiment, transition to the future without an act that puts into question the laws known to approved of common sense.

The trampoline stretches into the void and launches the imagination into the celestial space.

It is the metaphor of the continuous challenge of improvement, of overcoming knowledge for a dive into the unknown.

Location and Area

Borovoe, Kazakhstan

200 m


Amdl Circle


Design: 2018

Completion: to be realised

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