Rokko Silence Resort

Rokko Silence Resort is a large hotel complex, which combines the value of history, the power of nature and the wonder of the surrounding landscape

The Rokko Silence Resort sits atop the lush mountain of Rokko-san. The project involves the redevelopment of the site through the conservative restoration of historic buildings such as the English Villa, the demolition of existing buildings with a strong environmental impact and the construction of new structures serving the Resort.

Today the English Villa has returned to its former glory and has been made available to the public. Inside you will find the Resort reception, an English-style coffee shop on the upper floor and multiple multi-purpose rooms designed to host exhibitions or events. Together with the English Villa, the Grill Restaurant was also inaugurated: a careful study of the interior lighting and the use of dark colors made it possible to create a neutral and elegant stage to observe the luxuriant nature that surrounds the building. Inside the restaurant, an exclusive teppaniaki room is dedicated to the art of Japanese cuisine.

To complete the Resort, a Cafeteria on the existing pond and the large "Silence Ring" are being designed: an iconic building that will house the rooms of the Resort. The circular plan of the building is raised above the ground to allow nature to coexist with the architecture. The circular shape of the Ring guarantees maximum privacy of the rooms, which will have a unique and privileged view of the landscape.

Location and Area

Rokko Silence Resort


Hakko Group Co. Ltd


Design; 2017 - in progress

Completion: in progress

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