Free research

We do research to imagine the future and generate new projects, which take note of changes and when possible, inspire them.

Future Sharing Architectures

Our reflection on the future of architecture is based on a sense of great responsibility to promote human well-being, social cohesion and the health of the Planet.
The research consists of a well-structured process of formal experimentation, behavioural analysis and functional hybridization.

This design philosophy is expressed in a variety of collective and individual spaces for socializing, working, learning and enjoying leisure time.

Earth Stations Interactors
Work and entertainment spaces as social-relational networks
Earth Stations Many Hands
Spaces for coming together constructed with the techniques of craftmanship of local communities
Satellite Stations
Wooden buildings integrated with nature
Education Stations
Spaces dedicated to the sharing of knowledge
Happy Stations
Spaces to foster the happy and peaceful coexistence of a community

Recent projects

Our projects bring together expertise in architecture, design, graphics and art
to create fluid and welcoming environments.