Architects, designers, renderers, graphic designers, art historians, model makers, artists, sculptors, writers, teachers, archivists, photographers, directors, economists, psychologists, communications experts... with each new project, the CIRCLE opens up to new disciplines.

Nicholas Bewick

Architecture Art Director

After graduating from the Canterbury School of Architecture in the UK, he moved to Milan in 1985 to take a master’s degree in Design at the Domus Academy. After finishing the course, he began his long collaboration with Michele De Lucchi. Today he is art director for the architecture of the studio. He leads the research team and is responsible for the training of the young architects, providing design, iconographic and bibliographic support and recommendations through a maieutic approach. As leader of the teams, he has been responsible for many projects, including the UniCredit Pavilion in Milan, the UniCredit Headquarters in Verona, the Novartis Pavillon in Basel and the competition entry for the Cold War Veterans Memorial in Wisconsin.

Alberto Bianchi


A graduate in Architecture at the Milan Politecnico, in 1993 he joined AMDL CIRCLE. With lengthy experience in the management of major architecture projects, Alberto receives requests from customers, investigates the values of the location and guides the teams in research and in the realisation of innovative solutions capable of valuing pre-existing identities. With this attitude towards projects, he has coordinated the studio’s work in Georgia, including the Palace of Justice in Batumi and the Bridge of Peace in Tbilisi, as well as numerous commissions for Intesa Sanpaolo such as The Waterstone pavilion on the occasion of Expo 2015 Milan and the more recent Gallerie d’Italia – Turin.

Alessandro Bonfiglio


Graduated in Architecture at the University of Genoa, he spent a semester at the Technische Universität in Vienna, where he honed his skills in architectural planning. During his professional career he has collaborated with 5+1AA in Genoa, OMA in Rotterdam and Foster + Partners. Alessandro joined AMDL CIRCLE in 2021, bringing his experience and international vision into important contracts, including projects for Tiffany, Fondazione Fiera and the new office building in Via Molino delle Armi in Milan.

Denny Candotto


A graduate in Architecture at the Milan Politecnico, in 2021 he gained a Master’s at the Accademia Adrianea in Rome, specialising in museography and layout designs. Fascinated by the wealth of stimuli inherent in the world of architecture, through research and formal experimentation Denny works on finding the key to making projects unrepeatable and futuristic. He joined AMDL CIRCLE in 2021, where he deals with architectural planning in various scales, from the urban to interior design, supervising the project in all its phases. He has collaborated on projects for the Azimut stands, the Seminary at Porta Venezia and the competition for Poste Coworking.

Matteo Del Marco


He graduated in Architecture from the Politecnico di Milano and in 2010, after having gained experience at Jo Conen in Maastricht, he joined AMDL CIRCLE. Today he is responsible for urban architectural projects, from initial concept to the definition of construction details and the management of the construction site. In the role of architect in charge, he follows the studio’s major projects, such as the Rokko Silence Resort in Japan, the tower-hotel for the Fondazione Fiera in Milan and the repurposing of the Cantine Ferrari in Trento.

Francesco Forcella

Architecture HR Coordinator

He graduated in Architecture from the Politecnico di Milano and after gaining experience abroad (FAUP in Porto, Dominique Perrault Architecture in Paris), in 2008 he began to work with firms in both Bergamo and Milan. He then founded the Brembilla Forcella Architetti studio, which achieved notable success in the field of competitions. In 2014 he joined AMDL CIRCLE where he is responsible for the development of residential projects, including the Akhasheni Resort in Georgia. His experience has become fundamental for the studio’s participation in competitions, and he now coordinates all phases of the process. Leading a team of young architects, he has managed a series of competitions, including ones for the Cold War Veterans Memorial in Wisconsin and for the new Poste Francobollo offices.

Ryutaro Furukawa


After graduating in Architecture from the IUAV in Venice and the Politecnico di Milano, he worked with a variety of Milanese design studios. Passionate about classical and contemporary humanistic culture, he sets himself the goal of designing new architectural forms projected towards the future. For this reason, in 2021 he joined AMDL CIRCLE, where he is currently working on the project of the Rokko Silence Resort in Japan and the Casa BFF competition in Milan.

Giacomo Nava


A graduate in the Architecture of Constructions at the Milan Politecnico, in 2015 he collaborated on landscape projects with YellowOffice and from 2016 to 2018 with Zanetti Design Architettura. He participated, together with Fosbury Architecture, in the Architecture Biennale 2016 with the M.U.R.O. project for the Venice Pavilion.
Giacomo joined AMDL CIRCLE in 2018 where he handles architectural planning, managing major projects such as the Gallerie d’Italia in Naples, the Case del Prato of the Zirmerhof Hotel at Redagno di Sopra, the San Barbato Pavilion in Lavello and the Towers for the laboratories of the Open Zone campus in Zambon.

Athanasios Nikolopoulos


Graduated in Architecture Engineering after studying in the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Patras, he began his career focusing on residential projects in Greece. In 2020, he attended the Master’s deegre in Architecture and Urban Design at Politecnico di Milano. Since 2022, he has been part of AMDL CIRCLE, contributing to architectural design at various stages and scales. He has collaborated on projects such as the resort in Val di Funes, the office building in Via Molino delle Armi in Milan. Currently, he is involved in projects for Intesa San Paolo.

Emanuele Novembre


Graduated in Architecture at the Milan Politecnico, he joined AMDL CIRCLE in 2021, after a number of training and work experiences. He immediately became passionate about working with the research team, with whom he collaborates to find architectural solutions capable of responding to the transformation of lifestyles, with a particular sensitivity towards the issues of environmental sustainability and climate change. Emanuele is active in various planning groups: for the competitions sector he participated in the proposal for the Cold War Memorial in Wisconsin; he works on projects for Poste Italiane throughout the Italian territory; he is supervising the project for the San Barbato Pavilion and the upgrading of the waterfront in Rapallo.

Marta Provenzano


After finishing her studies in Interior Design at the IED in Milan, where she completed a postgraduate course in Lighting Design, Marta began to work as an interior designer and during this period her passion for computer graphics grew. In 2021 she joined AMDL CIRCLE where she occupied the role of 3D Artist, the planning and display of architecture and interior design projects, including the Rokko Silence Resort in Japan, the competition for Poste Francobollo and Poste Coworking and the exteriors of the Molino delle Armi building.

Salmaan Sayed


A graduate in Architecture in Goa (India), in 2020 he gained a Master’s in Furniture Design at the Milan Politecnico and in 2021 he joined AMDL CIRCLE. Salman is a multi-faceted figure who moves between design and architecture and is involved in the realisation of projects favouring harmonious coexistence between human beings. Among his design projects, he has supervised the selection of the colours, patterns and finishes of the Sentieri carpet for Carpet Edition. As an architect he works on the enlargement of residential buildings and the use of private spaces also by the public.

Guido Tarantola


A graduate in Building Engineering and Architecture after studying at the University of Brescia and the École Spéciale des Travaux Publics, du bâtiment et de l’industrie (ESTP) in Paris, he supervises projects for infrastructures, public spaces and religious and residential buildings in Italy and France. His passion for technology and architecture led to his specialising in architectural visualisation. In 2019 he joined AMDL CIRCLE, where today he occupies the role of Head of 3D Art, with the aim of representing the future to perfection by making projects visible through images. He contributes to projects of international interest such as the Novartis Pavillon in Basle, the Rokko Silence Resort in Japan and the competition for the Cold War Memorial in Wisconsin, USA.

Simona Agabio

Interior Architecture

A graduate in Architecture at the Milan Politecnico, in 2001 she joined AMDL CIRCLE where she handles projects of various kinds on various scales, from architecture to interior design. Her interest in museum poles has achieved realisation in the layout designs of Gallerie d’Italia Turin and Naples (2022), in Alessandro Manzoni’s museum house in Milan (2015), in the Ettore Sottsass exhibition at the Triennale (2017) and at the Intesa Sanpaolo pavilion at Expo 2015. In her career path she has tackled the world of offices with the Intesa Sanpaolo Campus in Moncalieri (2006), the New York headquarters of Intesa Sanpaolo (2008), Italian bank branches, as well as the world of hospitality with hotels and private residences in Italy and abroad.

Federica Cevasco

Interior Architecture

She graduated from Politecnico di Milano with Andrea Branzi. From 2008 to 2014, she collaborated with Donegani and Lauda Studio, where she worked on interior design, product design, and graphic design. In 2014, Federica joined AMDL CIRCLE, where she managed various phases of projects, from concept to art direction, to create environments capable of conveying the identity of clients through the Circle’s design language. She designs exhibition layouts and installations for trade fair events, as well as retail spaces for clients such as Intesa Sanpaolo, Poste Italiane, Azimut Yachts, Ethimo, and Pedrali. He has been teaching at NABA since 2013.

Irina Dikhaminjia

Interior Design

A graduate in Architecture with a specialization in Exhibit Design, Irina has been an integral part of Circle since 2018. After a brief stint in Milan, she settled in Tbilisi and from there serves as the studio’s representative in Georgia personally overseeing projects. Her major projects include the Akhasheni Resort, Hotel Telavi, and the interior design of the Kempinski Hotel in Tbilisi.

Leonie Kutschale

Interior Design

After graduatiing in Interior Design at the IED in Milan, she joined AMDL CIRCLE in 2019. Focusing her attention on the influence of space on human behaviour, she is committed to translating client needs into innovative and original interior projects. She has worked on the concepts and on the definition of the detailed design for the Gallerie d’Italia in Turin and Naples. Every year, she is responsible for the construction of stands for clients such as Azimut, Artemide and Poltrona Frau. She was also part of the design team for the Akhasheni Resort in Georgia and the Rokko Silence Resort in Japan.

Francesco Orcioni

Interior Design

Graduated in Architecture at the Milan Politecnico, he joined AMDL CIRCLE in 2022 after a number of collaborations with architecture studios undertaken as a student. Today he collaborates with the interior design team, developing and taking advantage of his interests in the themes of light and spaces as quality living environments. Francesco also handles exhibition layout designs, among which those for the Gallerie d’Italia in Naples and Turin and the project under way to design the layout of the rooms of Palazzo Venezia in Rome.

Banafsheh Razavi

Interior Design

A graduate in Architecture at the Milan Politecnico, she has collaborated with Milanese studios in supervising international projects in Iran and Dubai. In 2019 Banafsheh joined AMDL CIRCLE, where she contributed to the creation of environments and atmospheres with her sensitivity in combining materials, lights and colours together with her attention devoted to details. She also works as a visual artist, translating the projects to be developed with customers into evocative images. She works simultaneously on the concepts and displays of various projects by the studio, among which the Poltrona Frau Museum, the Azimut stands and the Gallerie d’Italia in Naples and Turin.

Greta Rosset

Interior Design

After completing her studies in interior design at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Greta immediately joined AMDL CIRCLE handling exhibition designs, installations for fair events, retail and the development of coordinated images. In her executive role she manages the various phases of projects, from the concept to the artistic direction, creating environments capable of telling of clients’ identities through the language of the CIRCLE, as in the stands for Potrona Frau, Alessi and Artemide. She coordinated the realisation of the design for Magna Charta on the occasion of Homo Faber 2022 in Venice.

Andrea Borgogni

Product Design

Alberto Nason

Product Design

After completing his studies in Industrial Design at the IED in Milan, since 1999 he has handled products for AMDL CIRCLE. In the role of Head of Design, he collaborates in the conception of objects, tackles interior design projects and works alongside architects in defining product solutions. For Produzione Privata he supervises the entire project process, from the conception to the definition of details, and works in close contact with the craftsmen from prototyping to the creation of the experimental design objects, guaranteeing a high quality of construction and the uniqueness of the result. With Michele De Lucchi he has designed the Plissè collection by Alessi, the Float collection by Stellar Works and the Inumbra bookcase by District Eight.

Filippo Nicolini

Graphic Design – Art Director

Antonio Mazzei

Graphic Design

Matteo Di Ciommo

Model Making

A graduate in product design at the Milan Politecnico, he joined the Circle in 2012. Designer, sculptor and modeller, he nourishes a great love for wood, the material of choice in his project work, with which he has built prototypes, conceptual models, scale models, but also systems for layout designs and exhibitions. He uses traditional artisan techniques combined with the most modern technological innovations to contribute, in his capacity as laboratory head, to the studio’s design process.

Valentina Brivio


Graduated in Languages, Cultures and International Communication, she handles communication for AMDL CIRCLE. Communication as a form of interaction and encounter is the fulcrum around which the professional activity that coincides with her interests is developed: she studies European and Oriental languages with a view to discovering different points of view and forms of relationship, she collaborates with theatre companies in acting and teaching roles, strongly believing in the social and educational responsibility of art and culture. At the Circle, Valentina manages relations with the press, social media and the organisation of events; she is engaged in a constant process of in-depth analysis and study of new communication channels and strategies.

Margherita Baetta

Exhibitions and Archive

After graduating in Art History from the University of Parma, in 2011 she began to work on conserving and developing the archive of Michele De Lucchi and AMDL CIRCLE, promoting the use of its historical and contemporary heritage and disseminating the design thinking of the studio. To this aim, she works on conceiving and curating publishing and exhibition projects and coordinating their development. She recently worked on the book Earth Stations. Future Sharing Architectures and curating the exhibition “Knowing how to use Knowledge” for the 17th Venice Architecture Bienniale.

Cristina Moro


A graduate in art history and criticism at the University of Milan, she attended the Post-Graduate School of historical artistic heritage and investigated the world of photographic archives at the Fondazione Alinari, the Fondazione Zeri and the ICCD. She collaborates with Domus, Meridiani and Silvana Editoriale, for which she writes and conducts research and curatorship activities. She has managed the Domus archive and in 2018 she joined AMDL CIRCLE to curate Michele De Lucchi’s archive, handling conservation and promotion and contributing to cultural and publishing projects such as the exhibition “Sapere come usare il sapere” [Knowing How to Use Knowledge] at the XVII Venice Biennale and the book Connettoma, published by Silvana Editoriale. Together with Promemoria, she has redesigned the digital archive of De Lucchi and his studio.

Chiara Castellani

Executive Assistant and Client Relations

Graduated in Public Relationships at the IULM in Milan, since 2008 she has been personal assistant to Michele De Lucchi: on his behalf she handles relations with both internal and external contacts, plans his diary and international trips and organises the architect’s participation in events and conferences. Chiara also plays a key role in the Circle’s organisational system, collaborating with the executives and the administration, participating in the planning of internal events.

Paola Pedretti


Miciyo Yamada

Asia Representative

A journalist by profession, Miciyo joined the Circle in 2020, assuming the role of Asia relations manager. She manages press and client liaison in Japan, tracks business development in the region, and handles major projects, such as the Rokko Mountain Resort.

Arturo De Lucchi


Pico De Lucchi

Private Production – Manager

After graduating in International Business Administration from the Rotterdam School of Management, where he also obtained a master’s degree in Strategic Management, in 2014 he joined AMDL CIRCLE to be responsible for management planning and overseeing the production processes of the design sector, including the custom-made furniture of Produzione Privata for the Hotel Zirmerhof in Radein in Bolzano and the Novartis Pavillon in Basel. He occupies a transversal role, supporting the management of events and communications, and in particular he coordinated the re-branding of the studio and the construction of the websites of Produzione Privata and AMDL CIRCLE.

Cinzia Conti

Private Production Sales and Administration

Monica Del Torchio

Michele De Lucchi Artworks

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